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Audiovisionaries: We’re Your Local Smart Home Company


Proudly Providing Home Automation & Total Home Control to San Juan and the Surrounding Areas   

Take a moment to think of how many connected devices you currently have in your home. The average home has ten connected devices, and it’s safe to forecast that number to grow considerably over the next few years. In two years, nearly 55% of homes will have some type of smart home automation included, tooaccording to TechJury 

Imagine having one system that can control all of your home’s technology – solutions such as smart lighting, climate control, automated shading, and multi-room music, to name a few. With a simple tap of your finger on a smartphone, wall keypad, or tablet, you can manage everything in your home. All you need to do is contact the premier smart home company serving San Juan, Guaynabo, Dorado and beyond – Audiovisionaries, LLC.   

Keep reading below to learn how easy it can be to incorporate Savant home automation and control into the home.  

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Lighting & Shading 

No matter where you are in Puerto Rico – Dorado to San Juan or beyond – you have a fair share of natural lighting year-round. Imagine being able to harness the power of the sun at your fingertips. In mere seconds, every motorized window treatment in your home will raise or lower with the tap of your finger.  

In the bedroom, blackout roller shades will lower to provide privacy and block out light in order to help you sleep better. In the sunroom, sheer drapes will allow filtered sunlight inside with no glare. In living areas, blinds will close to reduce heat gain in your interiors, making your HVAC system work more efficiently while keeping your family cool.  

When you aren’t using natural light to illuminate your home's spaces, smart lighting can show your interior spaces in their best light. You can dim or brighten lighting by pressing a button or schedule lighting to turn on and off according to an astronomical clock. Tunable LED lighting can adjust its color temperature throughout the day, supporting your family as they go about their daily activities 

Home Entertainment 

Personalized home theaters and media rooms have become a trend in luxury estates in recent years. You’re able to enjoy all of the pleasures of the local cinema without high ticket prices, strangers talking or pulling out their phones, and without the sticky floors from spilled concession snacks.  

Press a button on your Savant Pro Remote X2 to cue up your entire entertainment space in seconds – the ultra-high-definition 4K TV turns on with brilliant video quality, the surround sound system fires up, and your favorite entertainment source turns on with the press of a button. You can immerse yourself in video games or a feature film – or start binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows in your very own home. 

The Experience 

As the sun begins to set and you begin to wind down for the evening, outdoor landscape lighting turns on automatically to provide a layer of security while also making your property look its best by highlighting every architectural detail. Press the “Relax” scene button on your customized wall keypad to initiate a sequence of events – dim the lights to the perfect brightness and start streaming the perfect playlist over your whole-home audio system to help you ease into a relaxed state of mind. 

When it’s time for bed, press the “Goodnight” button in the Savant app on your smartphone. The security system will arm, the AC will lower a few degrees to help you sleep, interior lighting and your music will turn off, and your noise machine will turn on to help block out ambient noise. This and more are all possible when you work with a professional smart home company. 


If you’re ready to experience the joys of home automation in your San Juan or Guaynabo home, connect with us using this online form or call us today. We’re always here to answer your call and look forward to hearing from you! 

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