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Enjoy Better Streaming with Home Networking Solutions


Improve Network Reliability, Performance, and Security for Superior Entertainment Indoors And Out 

Your luxury smart home furnishes you with the convenience of a perfectly managed environment. The entirety of your home's functioning ecosystem depends on network connectivity, from personalized lighting control to high-definition streaming of audio and video. Without a professional implementation, you are prone to troubles down the line that cause frustration and can cost more to fix afterward. 

The certified team of integrators and system designers at Audiovisionaries work with you to create flexible and rugged home networking solutions. Our systems furnish you with connectivity that satisfies your needs today and well into the future. 

Are you curious about how we improve connectivity for your San Juan, PR home? Keep reading below to find out more. 

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Running hardwire cables is still the best way to ensure the highest security level, fast data throughput speeds with low latency. A properly designed and installed cable run offers you the most robust content delivery over the long term while giving your Wi-Fi improved performance. 

We run the highest-grade cable which can deliver up to10 Gbps per second, setting the stage for introducing 8K content. By implementing this infrastructure, bandwidth speeds will not drop off after a run over 180 feet. 

Better cables often mean thicker dimensions and, in turn, smaller bend radius (how much a cable can bend before becoming problematic). Our team works with you to ensure efficient and safe runs, avoiding potential issues before affecting stability.


We live in a wireless world; Wi-Fi has become so common that many younger individuals use the term to refer to any Internet connection. While connecting over RF may be the most convenient method ever devised, it can be problematic in an ever congested environment. 

When a wired connection is not possible, installing a mesh network offers the most comprehensive coverage, delivering high-speed access to hard-to-reach corners of your home, indoors or out. In addition, the system includes self-healing features and rerouting signals if any part of the chain is broken. 


Outdoor entertaining and living are essential components of living here; the salt, sea, and sun add vibrancy to everything we do. Just because you are sitting under the stars does not mean you have to forgo movies and music.

We specialize in optimizing connectivity for your family whether you are out by the pool, on the deck, or while your feet are buried in the beach's sand. Using premier products, we can set the coverage as wide or small as needed, keeping you safe from random devices and protecting performance. No matter where you wander on your property, enjoy the big game in stunning HD or release the tension with vibrant music from superior sources like Qobuz, TIDAL, or other MQA formatted titles. 


An upgraded network satisfies your desires for luxury and convenience in a digital world. Are you ready to upgrade your home? Start by calling us at 787-728-6969 or filling out our online contact form. We would love to hear from you!

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