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Bring Smart Home Surveillance to Your Property


Manage Your Cameras with Ease & Gain Peace of Mind

Whether you’re heading to bed in your own home or on vacation across the globe, your home and family’s safety is top priority for you. But how can you ease your worries over protecting your loved ones and property? A smart home surveillance system ensures you can go about daily life and enjoy your trips away from home with zero stress.

Complete control of your home’s security puts you in charge; you can seamlessly operate your cameras and view footage with just a tap of a button. Find out more about bringing this level of protection to your San Juan, Guaynabo, or Dorado, PR property by reading on below!

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Cameras throughout Your Property

When you can keep an eye on every corner of your home, your everyday worries start to lessen. Smart surveillance cameras installed throughout your entire property let you peer in on your rooms, entryways, and in-between spaces on a whim. From the interiors to the outskirts of your estate – your cameras will have you covered.

Multiple cameras throughout your living spaces provide convenient access to your home – and operating them is never too complicated! Right from your smart device of choice – including your smartphone whether you’re home or away – you can control every camera. Pan them, zoom in, or tilt to get the perfect angle. There won’t be an inch of your San Juan, PR home that your cameras won’t have covered when you have the reigns.

Easy & Immediate Management

Of course, viewing what your cameras capture is simple as well. With installed motion sensors and high-end video analytics, you can get a notification sent to your mobile device the moment movement is detected or your cameras have recorded something out of the ordinary. You can pull up the live footage immediately and decide what course of action to take.

Watch in real-time, save footage to view later, or operate other components in your smart home system to evaluate what you’re seeing. Check in on smart locks, ensure your alarm systems are armed, and turn on landscape lighting to further your property’s protection.

You can even integrate your outdoor lighting systems with your home surveillance, setting your lighting fixtures to flood an area of your yard whenever your cameras capture anything unexpected. This setup will scare any unwanted guests away and even provide an even clearer image for your cameras. Every aspect of your surveillance system is viewable and manageable right from your smartphone – no matter where you are in the world! It’s that easy.

Want to learn more about bringing smart home surveillance to your San Juan, PR property? Gaining peace of mind is one tap of a button away. Fill out our online contact form here or give us a call – our team at Audiovisionaries always answers our phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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