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Roller Shades Add Comfort & Convenience to Your San Juan Home


Learn How This Motorized Smart Home Solution Can Change Your Lifestyle

When it comes to being comfortable in your Puerto Rico home, how do you like to make it happen? Lounging on furniture upholstered in luxurious, plush fabrics – check. Your favorite adult beverage in hand – check. Lowering the motorized roller shades to reduce glare on your TV screen as you binge the latest episode of your favorite show – check? 

Though adding custom window treatments may not be at the top of your mind when you’re trying to relax and get comfortable at the end of a long day, this stylish smart home solution can completely change the way you experience your time at home. Keep reading below to learn how adding QMotion shades to your San Juan, Guaynabo, or Dorado property can elevate your lifestyle.

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Natural Sunlight on Your Terms

With motorized roller shades, you have the power of sunlight at your fingertips. Every day the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so scheduling your window treatments to raise and lower with the position of the sun makes sense. You can make the most of soft sunlight in the mornings in your living spaces, helping you ease into the day ahead. Then as the day grows warmer and the sun brighter, your shades will lower automatically to reduce glare and heat gain in your home. 

The lighting and shading experts at Audiovisionaries can also assist in creating smart scenes that incorporate lighting and shading responses into one simultaneous action. A “Good Morning” scene can raise shades in your bedroom to wake you up more naturally, and interior lights can turn on to a bright – but not too jarring – light that mimics that of the sun. You’ll have the power of lighting with the press of a button.

QMotion Roller Shades

We love having the opportunity to partner with high-performance brands for our clients’ homes. With QMotion motorized roller shades, homeowners can rest assured that these solutions will stand up to the test of time while providing incredible convenience and style. You can choose from a large selection of colors and fabrics with light filtering, decorative, or room darkening characteristics, so you’re sure to find something that complements your interior design.

For a modern aesthetic, open-roll styles are available or, for a more elegant look, painted or fabric-wrapped concealed fascia are an option. And no matter where in the process you are – new home construction or retrofit – you can utilize QMotion shades because they offer both wireless and wired solutions. Incorporating smart technology into your San Juan, PR home is a modern luxury you don’t want to miss out on.

To add motorized shades, lighting control systems, or other advanced technologies to your home, connect with us here or give us a call – we’re always here to answer your questions!

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