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Upgrade These 5 Areas of Your Puerto Rico Property with Smart Home Solutions

Imagine coming home from work at the end of a long day, and before you’ve even pulled into the driveway, your home begins preparing for your arrival. Lights turn on along the pathway from the garage to the living room, and your favorite news or music station begins streaming over your speakers right as you walk in the door. This is more than a dream – it could be your experience every day with home automation.

Whether you live in San Juan, Guaynabo, or Dorado, Audiovisionaries is here for you! We work with clients to elevate their lifestyles every day and are always a simple phone call away from helping you achieve a luxury living experience.

There doesn’t seem to be much that smart home automation cannot do. Keep reading below to see how five areas of your Puerto Rico property will transform with automation.

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Backyard Spaces

With a simple button tap, you can achieve the perfect outdoor oasis. The “Pool Party” smart scene will turn on exterior lighting, so the yard looks practically enchanted while your favorite playlist starts to play over your whole-home AV system. Pool and spa equipment functions are programmable for daily operation, and lighting features illuminate right as the sun begins to set. Want to adjust a setting, but you’re too cozy by the firepit? Pull out your smartphone to turn up the volume or change the color of the pool lights in seconds.


Listening to music while preparing meals is a must-have feature of any smart home, but you need counter space! In-ceiling speakers blend into the drywall without taking up valuable real estate in the kitchen. You can also tap the Savant touch panel screen or say a voice command to brighten lights as you begin chopping vegetables – bright, white task lighting emanating from beneath the cabinetry is perfect for the job. In the dining area, relaxing hues can create the ideal atmosphere for a romantic dinner for two.

Gated Entries/Driveways

Keypads and car sensors make entering your gated drive a breeze, plus these devices add an extra layer of protection while you’re away. As the family car nears the driveway, the gate will roll open to make way for you without causing extra delays. If you need a friend or family member to check on your Guaynabo or San Juan home while you’re away, you can unlock the gate – and even your front door – remotely with automated smart locks. Surveillance cameras will also show you live and recorded footage of visitors and delivery people, so you’re never left second-guessing what’s happening around your property.

Media Room

Motorized shades lower to block out unwanted glare from entering your media area once you initiate the “Movie Night” smart scene. Lights dim to complete darkness, save the muted pathway lighting that illuminates your way to the kitchen for a popcorn refill, and the TV or projector and screen combination fire up, queueing up your media server or Netflix so you can select what to watch!

Living Spaces

As the sun rises and the day gets warmer, your smart thermostat synchronizes with your climate control system. Shades lower automatically once a specified temperature is reached, so your HVAC system doesn’t need to work as hard to cool off the space. If you’re reading in the living room and experience an unwanted glare from outdoors, simply lower the roller shades, so filtered sunlight streams through the sheer fabric – all with a simple tap of your finger on the smart device of your choice.

Connect with us here to schedule a home automaton consultation for your Guaynabo-area property. We’re always here to help you elevate your lifestyle with smart technologies.

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