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Summer Fun – All Year Round – With Outdoor Entertainment


Stellar Outdoor Brand Partners Help Us Offer the Best Audio/Video Solutions to Our Clients

As Bob Marley said, “Sun is shining. The weather is sweet!” We can’t think of a more apt description of our favorite season. And what better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with an outdoor entertainment overhaul!

Extending your favorite indoor comforts and AV solutions to your patio spaces makes spending time at your San Juan, Guaynabo, or Dorado home much more enjoyable – not only during the summer but year-round as well.

Keep reading below to learn about the audio/video possibilities we can help you bring to your Puerto Rican property!

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Outdoor Audio

Taking a portable Bluetooth speaker poolside is a lackluster solution for bringing audio to your outside spaces. A small speaker at the pool may be too loud for those lounging if the volume is high enough to be heard in the garden or outdoor kitchen areas at the same time.

For smooth, consistent audio coverage that blankets your entire yard in high-performance sound, we work with Coastal Source’s element-defying landscape speakers that dot curated lawns and blend into the surrounding décor. You’ll feel like you’re in the front row of a concert instead of your Guaynabo, PR backyard with powerful Line Source Bollards and satellite speakers with line array technology that offers high-fidelity sound to every corner of your lot.

Outdoor Video

Outdoor entertainment doesn’t always have to be a fun party playlist streamed from your music collection or favorite Spotify station. It can also include podcasts, audiobooks, sports, TV shows and movies! Incorporate a Séura outdoor TV built to withstand wind, rain, dust, and humidity in full-sun or partial-shade environments. Displays are brighter to combat the sun’s intense rays and feature specialty outer enclosures to protect the delicate electronics housed inside. You’ll be able to see – and hear – the big game in high definition!


Landscape Lighting

Too-bright spotlights or pathway lights that are too dim are both an eyesore and a safety concern. Watertight, corrosion-proof options from Coastal Source include bullet lights, niche lights, wash lights, and more. Walking paths and patios bathed in the perfect light let you enjoy time with your guests without worrying that they’ll trip over flowerbeds or steps. And the best part – it’s all controllable with the tap of a finger on your favorite smart device!


Our team is always here to answer your phone call – so contact us today to start a conversation about upgrading your outdoor entertainment solutions!

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