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Learn What Your Home Theater System Is Missing


Movies & TV Shows Are More Exciting in Surround Sound & High-Definition 4K

Nearly everyone enjoys the experience of immersive audio and video at the local cineplex. Still, some drawbacks make us yearn for the comfort and privacy of our own home – sticky floors from spilled sodas, the crunch of popcorn underfoot, chatty seat neighbors, and our ultimate pet peeve: the bright glare of someone checking their phone during the big plot twist!

What if we told you that you could take the best aspects of “going to the movies” and bring them into your Puerto Rican home? With a professionally installed home theater system, it’s possible.

Keep reading below to learn how to add the ultimate home theater experience to your Dorado, San Juan, or Guaynabo entertainment space!

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An Immersive Experience

A home theater installation specialist can design a system that meets the viewing needs of your entire family. Impressively large TV displays offer vibrant images in ultra-high-definition 4K resolution so that you can view your favorite shows and movies with stunning clarity. You can even add an ambient light rejection projection screen and a powerful projector from brands like Epson that hide away at the press of a button when you’re not watching anything.

A well-designed sound system ensures you’ll hear crystal clear dialogue and booming bass notes with ease. You’ll feel like you’re in the center of the action – car chase scenes will seem realistic, and soundtracks will move you to tears!

We frequently incorporate Pro Audio Technology’s multi-channel loudspeaker controllers for residential distributed audio, which means the same system that powers the home theater can control your multi-room music system, too. A combination of in-room subwoofers and surface-mount and architectural speakers round out the sound offerings, so your impressive home theater will far surpass that of the movie theater.



Not every space is large enough or can accommodate intrusive in-wall and in-ceiling speaker installations, and that’s where soundbars shine! Theory Audio Design’s soundbar system is heralded as “the world’s finest” by AVS Forum, and features 3-channel reference-level sound that also looks sleek below your 65”, 75”, or 85” TV screen display.

We’re always here to answer your questions regarding home theater systems, networking, and smart home technologies – we’re just a phone call away! You can also connect with us here or chat with us at the bottom of your screen.

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