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Wi-Fi Networking Solutions Keep You Connected When It Matters Most


Upgrade Your Home Office with Upgraded Technology Solutions

Shifting to a work from home environment after years in an office can be cumbersome if you don’t have the proper setup or tools. Of course, you need a dedicated work computer to complete your job tasks, but the true foundation of any home office is your internet connection.

Having a fast and secure network in your Guaynabo, San Juan or Dorardo home ensures videoconferences stay connected without choppy dialogue in the middle of your work presentations, and you’re not left with buffering symbols trying to download projects.

Keep reading below to learn how a new or upgraded Wi-Fi networking solution from Audiovisionaries can not only make you a better employee, but can also help you enjoy your time away from work even more!

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Stay Connected

We live in a very connected world, and the more online activities you try to accomplish on your network, the more likely you are to experience bandwidth issues. You can think of your network as a multi-lane expressway. Streaming movies and music, conducting work calls, and surfing the web are all vehicles that lead to traffic congestion if the highway is not properly designed.

Our expert Wi-Fi networking team will help direct traffic, prioritize some network activities over others, and send each to the appropriate lane. Your desktop computer’s wired connection will head to the fast lane while the kids stream YouTube videos in the living room. When your partner raises the motorized shades using your home control system, they will experience no lag as you lead an important client presentation over video. An expertly designed network keeps everyone in the family connected, no matter what activities you’re doing!

Expand Your Network Outdoors

Working from home should not keep you sequestered indoors. If it’s a beautiful day, why not take your work outdoors? Bring your laptop to the patio without a worry – video conference calls stay connected, and you can even use your beautiful yard as a background instead of using a virtual background.

Expanding the Wi-Fi to your outdoor spaces requires strategic placement of wireless access points, with an eye on the types of materials nearby that could potentially block or hinder the network signal. For example, concrete has higher instances of signal attenuation, so this material easily restricts radio frequencies. Glass, on the other hand, has low attenuation and brick has a medium attenuation. Our team’s attention to this small but important detail could mean the difference between a crystal-clear connection for work and outdoor entertainment or a dropped signal or slow speeds.

Not only can you take your work outdoors, but you can take audio/video entertaining outside as well! Outdoor TVs and speakers are built to withstand humidity, dust, insects, and heat with specialty-crafted enclosures and hardy materials. Stream your favorite media while completing work documents using your upgraded Wi-Fi network – being more productive at work has never been this fun.

Audiovisionaries not only serves Guaynabo, PR, but we provide service to Dorado and San Juan as well. We’re always here to answer your phone call – or connect with us using our online form – for any networking questions you may have! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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