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Enhance Your Lifestyle with Home Automation


Create Spaces that Are Better, Brighter, and Healthier for You and Your Family

Home Automation in your Guaynabo house makes your life simpler, healthier, energy-efficient, and more convenient. Rather than relying on, and trying to wrangle, disparate sets of off-the-shelf devices, you deserve a tightly integrated ecosystem that accommodates you. 

Your Dorado smart home provides the luxury of having instant access to environmental controls and media from any room or from across an ocean. With the swipe of a screen or the touch of a button, you can make the spaces you live in better, brighter, and healthier. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in your San Juan, PR residence? Then continue reading below to discover how good it can be. 

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Healthier You, Happier House 

Maintaining the optimal environment is essential to keeping you healthy and happy. When rooms are too hot or dim, you cannot perform at your best. 

Lighting is a crucial factor in determining how you feel and shapes your perceptions of the rooms you inhabit and your outlook throughout the day. When the illumination in your home is dull, lifeless, and static, it stunts your creativity and focus. Human-centric fixtures and controls bring balance to your daily routines, aligning your sleep, wake, and work cycles to synchronize with circadian rhythms.

Keeping comfortable makes all the difference; if the air in your house is stuffy, sticky, or scorching, you cannot be your best. An automation system creates the ideal climate regardless of the time of year or conditions outside. The sun’s heat is kept at bay utilizing multi-zone sensors throughout the home, pre-programmed events, and manual control, with motorized shades and judicious use of the HVAC. 

Be Inspired 

The music and movies we bring into our lives play a vital role in motivating and relieving the stresses of the day. Whether you are adding some pep to a backyard party, livening up your dinner prep routine, or decompressing with your favorite film, you expect the best quality. 

Music has been a part of human culture for over 40,000 years. Regardless of the genre, you favor, a multi-room audio system needs to deliver audiophile quality without excessive volume or distracting from the décor. Play songs from your curated collection or any HD streaming platforms with precise highs, crystal-clear mids, and clean lows from speakers hidden behind paintable grills or in-wall.

In just over 150 years, movies have grown from an amusement to a global cultural force that translates the human condition into a universal language. A home theater brings the excitement and thrill of a commercial theater right under your roof. Watch films as the cinematographers intended, with the expansive vistas and true-to-life colors of 4K DCI. Experience images so clear that they blur the lines between reality and fantasy. 

Always Here for You

Are you looking to create a home that complements your lifestyle and desires? Feel free to reach out to our expert designers; we always answer your calls. Contact us at (787) 728-6969 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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