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Add the Cinema Experience to Your Home


Discover How Expert Home Theater Design Brings Movies to Life, Exceeding Expectations

Movies are a cultural force like no other; it has become the dominant art form worldwide in less than a century. The formats method of visual framing and storytelling continues to influence not just television but literature, photography, painting, and even how we dream. 

Directors and their cinematographers create their stories to be seen on the “big screen.” The effects, imagery, and audio are constructed for a theatrical setting’s unique atmosphere. As a result, home theater design seeks to capture the excitement and the experiential stimulation of the best film houses. 

Are you ready to have an exceptional movie experience in your San Juan, Guaynabo, or Dorado, PR smart home? Read below to learn more. 

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Designed for You

The space you are dedicating to viewing film, whether new construction or retrofitted, has a critical sway on the quality of the overall experience. The audio clarity or the intensity of an image on the screen depends on how materials and technology interact.

Our designs consider that soft fabrics absorb sound, damping the power and detail. In contrast, hard surfaces can make the audio overly bright and brittle. While video quality starts with the projection, light from natural and electric fixtures can wash out the final image. 

The Perfect Image

Of course, the image on the screen is the central focus of any private cinema, and the front of the house is where the action and storyline unfold before us. Therefore, it is vital that the surface installed provides the full detail to the viewer; depending on the environment, a specialized screen may be needed. 

The video we see is a reflection; the light from the projector shines on the screen and is bounced into our eyes. Our luxury systems offer solutions for nearly any environment with materials that complement any room size, ambient illumination, and seating configurations. 

Our history of providing stunning cinema allows us to offer projector and screen combinations that maximize the space you are in. For example, a matte surface screen diffuses the light better, filling larger rooms. Other models embed optical beads that help amplify and focus the reflected light, maximizing brightness and detail in smaller spaces. 

Audio that Surrounds You

A principal theory of filmmaking is that a great film can communicate its story without sound. While this may be true, the audio makes a movie truly an immersive experience, and the surround sound element creates a multidimensional sound field that envelops those in the theater.

Expertly installed surround sound furnishes your architectural design with superior audio that accents and strengthens visual elements. Whether you desire speakers hidden from view or artfully sculpted from elegant wood finishes, fill the space with stunningly precise audio that transports you. 

Best Seat in the House

At Audiovisionaries, we combine aesthetics with theatrical expectations. Are you interested in bringing the ultimate cinema experience to your San Juan, PR home? Contact us at 787-728-6969 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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