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The Combined Power of High-End Audio Brands and Home Automation


Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Home and Yard

At Audiovisionaries, we combine our two passions—high-fidelity music and the latest smart home technology that allows our clients to enjoy their homes to the fullest and experience unprecedented ease of living. To bring our customers the best of these two worlds, we partner with industry-leading high-end audio brands and home automation experts.

Let’s explore how these two technological wonders transform homes in San Juan, Guaynabo, and Dorado, PR.

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The Pure Reproduction of Sound

High fidelity is the reproduction of sound that is very faithful to the original. It is sound, whether music or a movie soundtrack, that’s heard as the creator intended and without distortion.

If you’ve already heard music delivered from high-end audio brands, then you know what that means. From the high ranges to the deep bass sounds, every note is crystal clear. You hear the many details, including each note of a guitar rift and the keyboard outbursts. In other words, all the sounds from the original recording carry through.

One of the brands we partner with to produce this sound is Bowers & Wilkins. Many put this brand at the top of the list in the production of world-class hi-fi loudspeakers. Their signature 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers contain tweeter domes made with diamonds that produce higher frequencies with little to no distortion.

World-renowned music recorders and producers like Abbey Road Studios, Lucas Film, and BBC use B&W loudspeakers. B&W also produces in-wall and in-ceiling architectural speakers that deliver the sound that fills the air and surrounds you while seamlessly blending into your home's aesthetics.

A few other high-performance audio brands we partner with include Cambridge Audio, NAD, James Loudspeaker, ELAC, Linn, Golden Ear Technology, and Totem Acoustics.

The Secret to Surround Sound

One of the secrets to incredible home audio isn’t just the engineering feats and high-quality material these brands use to create speakers known the world over. It's also about strategic placement and direction. The proper installation and calibration can create the soundstage that fills the air in your San Juan, PR home.

Our certified technicians can also extend this high-fidelity audio into your outdoor space. Many of today's top audio brands have expanded their lines, creating outdoor audio equipment to meet the demands of people looking to spend more time in their beautiful outdoor areas while still enjoying high-performance audio.

Sonance is one of the brands we partner with for outdoor audio solutions. Known as the pioneer in architectural speakers, their outdoor satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers deliver impressive hi-fi sound while appearing like landscape lights.

Because of their design, we can strategically place them throughout a property so that the result is a blanket of sound that surrounds the listener.

Ease of Use Redefined

When incorporated with your Savant home automation system, you can effortlessly control your home's high-end audio. Control your audio through the same user-friendly platform that manages your lighting, climate, video, security, and more. Our certified technicians will set up zones so that you can listen to one beautiful tune filling your home or a different audio source in every room.

To learn more about high-end audio and home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audiovisionaries today. We’re happy to speak with you and will always answer your call!

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