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Check Out the Magic of Circadian Lighting

The exterior of a luxury home featuring Lutron smart lights.

Circadian Lights Add Beauty and Efficiency to Your Home and Leads to Better Health for You and Your Family

There is no denying that Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and if you have a smart home in San Juan, Guaynabo, Dorado, or anywhere in between - then Audiovisionaries has great news for you. With circadian lighting, we can bring the beauty of the sun right into the heart of your house! 

Read on to learn how our team of technology integrators partners with brands like Lutron to give you the latest in lighting control, leading to a smarter home and better overall wellness for you and your loved ones. 

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From Tunable Lights to Better Health 

Modern lighting control is much more than dimming the lights with a smartphone. For example, Lutron’s Ketra line of products centers around the concept of human-centric lighting, offering tunable white LED fixtures that mimic natural sunlight. But why would anyone go to such lengths to imitate the sun? 

By mimicking the natural sunlight patterns, circadian lights improve the health and well-being of anyone in your home. This can be achieved by adjusting the intensity, color, and distribution of lights throughout the day to match your body's natural circadian rhythm. Still don’t believe us? Research has shown that LED tunable lights can improve sleep patterns, boost mood, and regulate your heartbeat. And there’s even more; setting the temperature to a cool white lite helps with recovery times whenever you are not feeling well!

Ketra lights are especially beneficial for anyone who spends a lot of time indoors, which has become the case increasingly during the past several years. How so? You could set the lights to a warm white temperature in the home office, leading to higher energy levels and better productivity. 

Energy Efficiency & Climate Control 

Circadian lights could be an invaluable asset to your smart home in Dorado, PR, but they alone are not enough. For instance, by integrating them with motorized shades and a smart thermostat, we could create a highly efficient climate control system for you. Throw in Savant home control and distributed audio systems - and suddenly, a tap on your smartphone is all it takes to set the perfect mood for any occasion, music included!

There is no feeling like stepping into your home and realizing that every technology system in it is working to make your life easier. With tunable lights, you get the bonus of smart devices designed to improve your health and daily activities. Feel free to contact us to learn more, and rest assured that we will answer the phone, unlike so many of our competitors who leave you waiting for a callback.

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